About Doras Cúil Travel

“Doras Cúil” is Irish for “back door” and that’s our travel philosophy here at Doras Cúil Travel. It’s often said that if the front doorbell rings, it’s a stranger. Friends come to the back door.

Doras Cúil is a full service travel agency. We can book you a cruise, rent you a car, or send you on the five-star trip of a lifetime. But our specialty is taking people to Ireland through the back door.

When you travel through the back door, you’re not crammed into a coach with fifty other people, following all the other coaches to the same tired sights and the same high-priced gift shops. At the back door, you make friends with the people, you learn about their lives and their country from their perspective. And best of all, you spend less money.

At Doras Cúil Travel, we don’t encourage people to spend huge amounts of money insulating themselves from the people and the countryside in huge corporate hotels or on glitzy package tours. Our commission checks would be bigger if we did, and we’ll certainly do that for you if you really want us to, but most people find the experience much more satisfying when they stay in a B&B, tour an unknown archaeological site with someone who’s lived there all his life, and finish the evening with a pint and some pub grub while listening to local musicians jam together just for the love of the music.

This blog is a place where I share my expertise and experience, helping you toward a better travel experience.

Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the BACK DOOR!

Michael Thompson
Doras Cúil Travel

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