Take a Thanksgiving trip to Ireland

Spend part of your Thanksgiving in an Irish pub

Spend part of your Thanksgiving in an Irish pub

Lots of people travel within the U.S. for Thanksgiving, visiting relatives or the like. What about popping over to Dublin for a week instead? Since Europeans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like Americans do, there are not as many people traveling this time of year as there are for Christmas and New Year. That means smaller crowds and cheaper flights.

For instance, we did a search for flights departing on November 25, returning December 2, from Denver to Dublin. The fare was $853 per person round trip, including taxes and fees. A comparable search for Christmas (December 23-30) was $1145.

Ireland will be less crowded this time of year as well, with the peak tourist season well behind us. That makes the natives less stressed out and even friendlier than they were in the summer when contending with crowds of boisterous Americans.

Some attractions won’t be open of course, so check ahead of time if you have a particular activity in mind. The weather can also be a bit less pleasant, though it doesn’t get as cold and snowy as Colorado can this time of year. And the nicest thing is, if it does get cold outside, there’s no better place to shelter than a good Irish pub.

Take your Thanksgiving break in Ireland this year. You’ll be glad you did.

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