Travel Risk Map gives valuable information

The Travel Risk Map can be a valuable source of information for your trip to Ireland

The Travel Risk Map can be a valuable source of information for your trip to Ireland

On your next trip to Ireland, check out this interactive risk map before you go. A recent survey of world travelers found that 80% of holiday-makers had concerns about safety abroad, yet less than half actually check the real threat levels before travel. Add to this the fact that these risk factors are continually changing and it can be difficult to know where to turn in order to assess the relative safety (or danger) of a specific locality. Would you know where to find risk advisories issued by the US State Department for instance? Most travelers would have difficulty in locating this sort of information.

This has all changed with the availability of the Travel Risk Map, created by International SOS, a company that describes itself as “the world’s leading medical and travel security assistance company.” The Travel Risk Map is a detailed world map which allows anyone free access to the type of safety and security information that can make all the difference to an overseas trip. The map paints quite a surprising picture, as their own in-house data suggests that nearly 1 in 3 overseas trips involve visiting a country that is more dangerous than the traveller’s home country.

Each country is colour-coded, giving an instant indication of the risk factors at play – ranging from low to very high. In addition there are a number of countries marked as “rapidly developing” meaning that variable risks can be expected there. The map is available in two different formats. Firstly,the company provide a full-screen interactive map, where one can click on individual countries to assess the health and travel risks prevalent there. In addition, you can access (and download) a PDF version; perfect for keeping on hand when internet connections are unavailable.

If you’re planning to head to Ireland, or another country in the near future, it would be a good idea to bookmark the risk map for future reference. Just a couple of minutes spent investigating your chosen destination can greatly increase your knowledge about the risks you may be faced with on arrival.

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